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Analog Camera also has HD Video Quality

Custom Micro AHD Camera
There are two groups of surveillance camera in the market, one is Analog and other is Digital security camera. In the earlier years, the image quality on analogue camera was low, low resolution video footage cannot reach modern security video evidence requirement.

Analog CCTV Camera use TVL (television lines) to rate the image resolution, a higher the number of lines in an image means better resolution.

Now the traditional analog camera also can offers HD 720p and Full HD 1080p video resolutions, it called AHD (Analog High Definition) camera, using analog components to capture crystal clear megapixel images. Analog HD camera system must use AHD compatible digital video recorder and the video transmission distance can up to 500 meters without special coaxial cable requirement.

CIU Co., Ltd provides various type of micro camera to meet your special video recording requirement. These tiny video cameras like invisible video recorder able to capture activities in very low light condition with different view angle.

Now the Mini 1080p AHD, TVI, CVI Camera customized solution is available.

AHD camera is more economy than IP camera and easy to integrate into current Analog CCTV system, if you are looking for small size and high resolution analog camera, contact us for details.


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