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No mobile phones in meeting

Power off phone detector from CIU Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone communications has dramatic performance improvements in 4G network (soon will go to 5G), smartphones have become ubiquitous and basic communications tools, not only for voice call, but also for accessing the internet, live streaming, sending messages, photos and videos. However, these mobile devices also bring serious implication to certain uses of cell phone, such as high tech exams cheating, espionage government or organization meeting, eavesdropping and interception tool. 

For the security concerns, smartphones are not allow to be use in Aircraft, Boardroom, Churches, Prisons, Financial Institutions, Government and Military organizations, Hospitals, IT and Communication centers. Cell phones forbidden at NATO leaders meeting at Brussels.

Mobile device is restrict for confidential meeting or important conference. Below is the closed-door meeting in Singapore 2020 but someone made audio recording and was circulated widely on social media.

Even in the closed-door meeting, you still cannot guarantee no one uses mobile device to make recording.

In addition, terrorists also use cellular phone remotely trigger improvised explosive devices.

CIU can helps you make a no phone zone for meeting or workplace without any 4G/5G smartphones (iPhone or Android) even the cell phone is power off or battery removed, protects your sensitivity conversation from espionage.

The Standby Walk Through Phone Detector consists of two sensor poles. Each pole has six equally spaced sensors connected to a micro-controller. The Mobile Phone Detection Door designed to make a secure meeting, no phones with attendees.

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