Standby Idle Mobile Phone Pole Detector
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Wall Through Power Off Cell Phone Detector


Standby Idle Mobile Phone Prison Walk Through Detector

This mobile phone detection system consists of two sensor poles (Dipole). Each pole has six equally spaced sensors connected to a micro-controller.
Detected data are spontaneously wireless transmitted to a Main Controller. Data are further analyzed by the main controller to determine if a mobile phone has passed through these Dipole.
When a person walk through the Dipole with a mobile phone, signal strength (above the background noise level) of each detector is displayed on Main Controller's LED panel instantaneously with respect to its position.
In the mean time, main controller will sound alarm, active dry contact, or establish wireless or TCP/IP communication with a remote computer depends on customer's preference.
Dipole is very lightweight and easy to set up. Since it is a reactive system, dipole does not generate any harmful strong RF driver signal.
Dipole and the main Controller consume very low power suitable for non-stop operation.
System does not need any operator to monitor like a metal detector.
Dipole Dector Pole spacing: < 70 cm
Single pole:
Height:170 cm
Diameter: 3 cm
Weight: 5.6Kg
Base Dimension: 30 x 20 x 4 cm
2.4 GHz, < 0 dBm,
16 channel ISM transmitter
Power Supply: 110~220VAC to 5VDC adapter
** Can be mounted on wall directly.
Controller 16 channel ISM receiver with External Antenna (Up to meters to Dipole.)
Wall mount plastic housing: 25 x 18 x 5 cm
LED display: 15 x 10 cm
0.5 Watt adjustable alarm speaker
5V TTL output
10A, 120VAC /5A, 240VAC Relay
TCP/IP Ethernet RJ45 port with Window software (monitor up to 10 dipole systems)
Power supply: 100V~240VAC