Handheld 5G 4G Mobile Phone Signal Detector for US America Cellular Band
Handheld Wi-Fi 4G  Mobile Phone Detector Anti-4G Wi-Fi Spy Cameras


5G 4G U.S. America Mobile Phone Signal Detector

The RFD-10US LTE 4G 3G Mobile Phone Prison Detector is a handheld full USA cellular band signal detector for 4G, 3G, CDMA / WCDMA (UMTS), GSM device. It is design to detect signals from mobile phones, smartphones, vehicle trackers, GSM bugs and spy 3G/4G camera. All signals strength display on the monitor. The RFD-10US Digital 4G WiFi Mobile Phone Prison Detector with build-in high speed scanning receiver allow users quickly to locate contraband or unauthorized phone use during imprisonment, test taking and detect Standby phone.
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Overall Size 3.2x9x19 cm
Detection Frequency 600MHz
700 MHz   
800/850 MHz
1700 MHz
1900 MHz
2500 MHz
3700 MHz
Build-in Antenna Micro-strip multiband inverted-F Omnidirectional antenna
Sensitivity >-40 dBm
Dynamic Range 35dB
Detect range up to 15 meters
Built-in battery 2200mAh Single cell Li-Ion 3.8 V
Duration 16 Hours with fully charged battery
Low Battery warning <3.3V
Audio Alarm mode, Beeper speaker or Earphone(Vibration-option) Beep pitch modulated by signal strength
LCD display 4x16 alphanumerical with backlight
Weight 225 grams

  • In sensitive/important meeting rooms to check for hidden devices
  • To check unauthorized mobile phone usage in offices, exam halls, hospitals, church, the holy place, mosque or prisons
  • In vehicles to locate hidden tracking devices
  • Security check to find the spy bug
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