About Us

About Us

About Us

CIU Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based electronics engineering company, specializes in providing high-end electronic communication and investigation equipment, for the security community around the world.  Our engineer team has more than 20 years of experience in producing security and counter-surveillance equipment for critical missions and applications and the engineer team can provide the most professional solutions for each client. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive security products and solutions for Home, Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies worldwide.  Each product of CIU is working closely with specialist users worldwide and each product is mostly designed and “Made-in-Taiwan”. We have extensive experience in designing customized products and providing complete solutions for almost any security requirement.  

Customized and OEM Camera   

CIU provides wearable camera and micro camera to Police, Intelligence Agencies, and Private Investigators for years.Now we are available to offer custom-made miniature camera and camera module. Our engineers are expert in design and manufacturer mini pinhole camera and camera modules for use in all environments.


  • Miniaturization and light weight

  • Great low light performance

  • Available with IR

  • Application -Video Inspection Camera, Pipline Inspection Solution, Hidden Camera, industrial Camera , Microscope, Cover Surveillance, Health care and Life Science.

Prison,Exams Mobile Device Security Solutions  

Wall Mount Customized 4G 3G LTE 2G GSM Mobile Phone Signal Detector

This solution is design to manage the problems of illegal cell phone in Prisons, Exams, Government Buildings, High sensitivity meeting. Prison and Exams solution offer customized frequency band and user- friendly alarm type (voice, light or connect with control center via TCP/IP). We take care of local radiation safety requirements into account, so Prison and Exams security solution is design to install cellular detection in several rooms to defeat any attempt to use a mobile phone service to make or receive calls. Control center is able to identify and locate contraband cellular phones in restricted areas.  Interesting in this solution, talk with us for details. If you have any ODM/OEM inquiries, please contact with us, we look forward to discussing your specific requirements in details.

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