Articulating 4-Way Videoscope

CIU is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan Security Tactical Industrial Dual Lens 4-Way Articulation Inspection Camera endoscope supplier with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. Our sales team is dedicated to customer service and offers technical advice to ensure the correct selection of product. The small diameter tactical inspection camera borescope helps operators able to detect humans or stuff when no ambient light is available. Also the IR night vision borescope camera able to record aquatic wildlife behavior. Even better, we provide super ultra-thin endoscope cameras diameters such as 0.95mm, 1.2mm,1.8mm for super narrow space industrial inspection. Moreover, we offer a highly advanced inspection endoscope featuring 3.9mm 4-way articulation with dual lenses and dual lights (both IR and white LEDs). This is an excellent tool for customers who require these specific capabilities. If you need ultra super thin 360 degree articulating borescope cameras for strategic applications or precision instrument inspections, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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Ultra-Thin Videoscope (⌀ 0.95/1.2/1.8mm)
CVS-14 is the small diameter industrial borescope with an ultra -thin Probe. This state-of ...


4-Way Articulation Super Thin 2.8mm 3.9mm 6mm Tactical Industrial Endoscope
The 4-Way Articulation Tungsten Videoscope CVS-12 provides an unparalleled field of view. ...

CVS-12R / CVS-12WR

3.9mm /6mm IR White Light 4-Way Videoscope DVR Series
CVS-12R/RW 4-Way HD IR articulation videoscopes are invaluable tools across various indust ...


3.9mm /6mm Dual View Dual Light 4-Way Videoscope DVR
CVS-12-RD Dual View Dual Light 4-Way Videopscope has switchable IR and White LED ensuring ...

CVS-11-W/ CVS-11W39

4-Way 3.9mm 6mm HD Thin Tungsten Videoscope (Dual Lens Available)
CIU offers high quality industrial rugged inspection videoscope with 4-way tip articulatio ...


IR 4-Way Articulation 6mm TUNGSTEN-Braided Videoscope DVR
IR Night Vision Tactical 4-Way Articulation Videoscope is made of durable Tungsten-braided ...
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Long Length 4-way Search videoscope 7M 3M 5M with Waterproof Touch Panel 7 inch high resolution DVR
This high-end portable long length 4-way industrial visual inspection camera works with 6m ...


2-Way Articulating Φ6.0 mm 6.5Meter Long Inpsecton Videoscope DVR
CIU offers different probe length of 2 way articulation Remote Visual Inspection Camera , ...


CIU offers various length Flexible 2-way Articulation Inspection Camera is a handheld desi ...


HD 2 Way Articulation OTG Videoscope
This 2-way articulating videoscope can go through and inspect narrow curved gaps easily an ...


3.9 mm Thin Two Way Articulation Videoscope with High Resolution 5 Inch Screen DVR (Dual Wireless and Wired System)
3.9mm diameter visual inspection camera is design for industrial detailed visual inspectio ...