RFD-12S Affordable Fixed Type Anti-Theft Jammer Detector
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Lost Cost Fixed Type Anti-Theft Jammer Detector_CIU


Affordable Fixed Type Anti-Theft Jammer Detector

RFD-12S Affordable Economic Fixed Type Anti-Theft Jammer Detector is user-friendly, simple designed for personal privacy and security by detecting jamming signals from 500MHz-6GHz like GPS Jammer and Cell Phone Jammer. When RFD-12S detects jamming signals, you can see red indicator and hear alarm. RFD-12S Jammer detector will send an alert to warn a local command center to prevent the criminals, thieves and intruders using signal jammers to block cell phone or GPS communication.
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  • Avoid false alarm
    Insensitive to background noise and insensitive to other signals NOT belong to cell phone frequencies.
    The weather changes bring temperature differences, and different environments have different environmental noise.
    This device has a new circuit design, which can be widely adapted to weather changes and environment variations to reduces false alarms.
  • NO-NC Relay Alarm Output
    This device has NO-NC (Normal Open, Normal Close) relay output, other kind of alarm output is also available upon request.
  • Not interfered by digital signals
    RFD-12S won’t make false alarm if cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DECT Wireless devices are around .
Size L 9 x W 5 x T 1.7 cm
Weight about 60 g
Power 12V – 24V DC
Power consumption 30 mA
Detecting Frequency Cellphone jammer and GPS L1 jammer
Frequency scan timing for jamming signal Always Detecting
Handling of jamming signal Instant activate relay output after verified the jamming signal
Alarm output 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output
* specifications may change without notice
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