Audio Listening Bug Microphone Demodulation Detector
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Audio Demodulation Bug Microphone Detector Audio Jammer_CIU


5G Audio Listening Bug Microphone Cell Phone Detector

Audio Demodulation Listening Bug Microphone Detector RFD-22 can demodulate audio FM analogue signal of wireless hidden spy bugs and through the acoustic display speaker, you can hear the conversation from analogue spy audio bugs or microphones. Even though nobody is talking, Audio Demodulation Listening Bug Microphone Detector can still find the bug in quiet place.
Moreover, its audio recorder jammer function interrupts voice recording of a cell phone, tape recorder, digital recorder and wireless or wired microphone by generating audible noises. RFD-22 protects you by not only detecting wide band signals of 2G 3G 4G 5G Wi-Fi Cell Phone Bug Camera but also by generating white noises to keep you away from the threats of unauthorized voice recording.
  • Audio Receiver of FM Wireless RF Bug
  • Audio Recorder Jammer function – 85 dB Noise Generator
  • 5G Detection (3300~3650MHz)
  • 3G 2100MHz Professional Detection
  • Lens Finder for Wireless & Wired Camera

* Specification may change without prior notice.
Detecting range 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
 Dimension L 11.6 x W 7 x T 4.3 cm (not include antenna)
 Weight About 175g (not include battery)
 Power 1. 5V DC switching power adaptor
2. AAA / UM-4 rechargeable battery or dry battery x 4
 Warning mode 1. LED indication
2. Beep alarm sound
3. Audio receiver
4. Vibration
5. Earphone silent detection
 Sensitivity tuner 1.Adjust detecting distance to find signal source
2.Eliminate the environment interference
 Noise generator Volume 85 dB (at 15 cm, half feet) Maximum
 Detecting distance Wireless bug (2mW) up to 25 feet (beep)
up to 70 feet (acoustic)
10mW 2.4GHz Wireless camera up to 15 feet
10mW 5.8GHz Wireless camera up to  4 feet
GSM Cell phone up to 50 feet
Smartphone up to 13 feet
3G 2100 cell network up to 25 feet

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