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5G 4G Surveillance Camera

CIU Co., Ltd. offers 5G 4G real-time video monitoring, long transmission range wireless mobile, body worn and wearable surveillance camera for business, home, police and government. The wireless video surveillance equipment includes WiFi 5G 4G Mobile Mini Camera, 2.4 GHz Digital Surveillance Kit and 4G 5G OTG Camera with Live Streaming APP for internal video recording, live streaming and remote monitoring. Our 4G LTE and Wi-Fi mini cameras have been designed to ensure video can be reliable delivered over wireless networks smoothly without missed frames or a time delay and actively monitors the bandwidth at each instant and using this information adjusts the number of image detail so that the video streams does not exceeds the bandwidth available to it. Wi-Fi 5G 4G Body Camera and Battery powered mini camera system keeping an eye when your staff on duty. The tiny wearable camera provide Live Video Streaming to your mobile device; Simple and easy to operate. Just power the WiFi 4G Camera and use the app to get everything up and running. You can access live video stream or recorded footage from anywhere any time without distance limited, using our mobile IOS & Android apps. HD 720P Live Video sees and hears with fantastic color representation.
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