5G 4G OTG Videoscope W/ Cloud Service

OTG-5G-V 2-Way 5G Articulation HD OTG USB Videoscope with Cloud Service can assist the police and law enforcement to live stream real-time videos and evidences to the other party or a command to report status instantly and help them make crucial decisions.
The command center and the other party can access this 2-Way HD OTG videoscope’s live video and GPS position from mobile devices and desktop PC. They can watch live streams and know GPS position on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tab. Besides, they can also view video content by webpage or via our VMS Software on a laptop or a desktop computer. Footage records can be saved onto both cloud storage and a MicroSD inside an iPhone or an Android phone. The loop recording cloud storage is 500GB per month and longer storage time and capacity can be discussed.
Regarding the hardware, OTG-5G-V 2-Way Articulation HD OTG USB Videoscope features one-hand control. One hand to adjust articulation angle and one hand to adjust light levels. This 2-way articulating videoscope can go through and inspect narrow curved gaps easily and the areas where are hard to reach so it can be a helpful equipment for the police, military or law enforcement to inspect objects like baggage, parcels, cars, ceilings to check suspicious things like contrabands, drugs and spy bugs . Besides, CVS-02-OTG can help the police monitor the targets in a room through a door gap or spy on the suspicious people outside through a tiny hole or vehicle window’s gap.
Videoscope Features
  • 90° Bending angle one side even the probe is not straight
  • Working with Android Phones and PC
  • Probe and lens can withstand IP67 waterproofing
Easy to use for various applications for
Law Enforcement, Security, Search ,Aviation, Automotive, plumber, building inspection, Border Inspection, Contraband Inspection
Live Streaming Cloud Service
  • Storage: 500GB /1 MONTH loop recording
  • Live Streaming Broacasting APP: Android 9.0 or later (only Android 10 not compatible)
  • One account : streaming to 3 devices simultaneously 
  • APP to watch live streaming: Supporting iOS 14 or later and  Android 9.0 or later
  • To watch live streaming on PC: 
    Mobile Video Server Platform System(Web page)
    VMS software supporting windows 7 or later
2-Way Videoscope
External diameter Φ 6mm
Articulation 2-way
Pixel point One megapixel pixels
F.O.V 120 Degrees
Depth of field 10-100 mm
Illuminant LED
Probe length 14 mm
Insert tube length 1.0m
Insert tube material Stainless steel silk weaving
Connector to Phone Type C
White Balance Automatic
Bend Angle (top / bottom) 180°
Compatible with Android or Windows
 Image resolution ratio 1280*720JPG
Key Function Take photos and adjust lights & One Key Lock
Data I/O Port USB 2.0
Storage temperature -20°C〜60°C
Operating temperature of the video probe -20°C 60°C, below 0°C should reduce the boot operation
Operating temperature of the host system -10°C 50°C, the LCD panel must be heated when it is below 0°C
Relative humidity Maximum of 90%, with no condensation

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5G 4G OTG Videoscope W/ Cloud Service
OTG-5G-V 2-Way 5G Articulation HD OTG USB Videoscope with Cloud Service can assist the pol ...
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