2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector
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RFD-20,Wireless Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector


2.4GHz Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector

2.4GHz Digital and Analog Wireless Camera Detector
Browsing internet for wireless spy camera, you can find various types of spy cameras, disguised as clocks, power adaptor with build-in Wi-Fi module.
Our portable Wi-Fi hidden camera finder is the most reliable and user-friendly design, detect all 2.4GHz pinhole camera and Wi-Fi hidden camera; protecting your privacy. The advanced software enables the filtering of most of the in-band signals emitted from non-2.4GHz frequency
The Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Sweeper with adjustable detection sensitivity can easily and quickly to locate the wireless hidden camera in office, hotel or room. When the Wi-Fi Camera Detector discovered the target, it provides alarm and display “8 or 9” digit on monitor.
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Detection Frequency 2400 MHz Band : 2400~ 2483.5 MHz 
Detection mode  RF power peak detection
Antenna  Internal
Sensitivity  > - 70 dBm @ Antenna (adjustable)
Dynamic Range  > 35 dB
Sensitivity Adjustment  Up and Down Buttons from 0 to 100%
Radius of Coverage Area   Up to 20 meters under typical conditions @-85dBm
Alarm mode   ■ Beeper (Open air) 
  ■ Beeper (Earphone) 
  ■ Vibratory + LED flasher
  ■ Silent mode
LED Display   ■ Signal Strength
  ■ Low Battery Alerts @ < 3.3V , display on LED screen
Red LED Indicator  ON & OFF:Charging in progress and completed
Power Supply  Internal , 3.7V, 1880 mAh lithium battery
Operation Time  > 8 hours with fully charged battery
USB Charger   Input:100-240 VAC , 50-60Hz  
Output: 5V DC, 1A max
Charge Time  <1.5 hours
Charge Port  USB to micro-USB AB type jack
Dimension  150 (H) x 80 (W) x25 (T) mm
Weight  160 grams (including battery)