Anti-Theft Jammer Detector for Local Command Center
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Anti jammer detector


Anti-Theft Jammer Detector for Local Command Center

RFD-12 jammer detector is to detect the nearby jammers in 433MHz, 868MHz, WiFi and cell phone frequency; protect your home from jamming attack.
The RFD-12 Anti-Theft Jammer Detector is especially designed to warm a local command center by sending an alarm to prevent the criminals from disabling 433MHz, 868 MHz, Wi-Fi, Mobile communication of security system to avoid thieves and intruders using signal jammers. 
The 433MHz and 868MHz frequency are use in Electric door security alarm, Home security alarm system and Garage door opener remote control system.

Burglary Jamming Detector is a Radio Frequency Jamming Detector and transmission alarm signal to a control room via relay. The intruder jammer detector analyses radio frequency in 433/868MHz/WiFi/Cell phone band and in particular allows an external siren to be triggered if jamming is detected.

Command center

  • Sensitivity tuner
    Sensitivity tuner helps you scan variable distance and can eliminate the background noise (the environment interference)
  • Avoid false alarm
    Insensitive to background noise under 500MHz
  • NO-NC Relay Alarm Output
    One other type of alarm is available too
  • Not interfered by digital signals
    RFD-12 won’t make false alarm if cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DECT Wireless devices are around .
  • Super Detection Function
    RFD-12’w wideband detector is capable of detecting 300mW Cell Phone Jammer Signal up to 20 Meters away. Its narrow band detector can 20mW channel transmitter’s signal up to 15 M.
* specifications may change without notice
Detecting object
  1. Wideband jammer of WiFi and cellphone frequency bands
  2. 433 MHz and 868 MHz narrowband jammer (single channel transmitter)
Alarm output
  1. Standard model: 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output, without anti-cut protection
  2. Expert model: 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output, with anti-cut protection
Warning mode 8 LEDs
Sensitivity Tuner Eliminate the environment interference (background noise)
Bandwidth Resolution FULL band detection
Frequency scan timing for jamming signal Always detecting
Handling of jamming signal Instant activate relay output after verified the jamming signal
Detecting distance According to the output power of signal source
Dimension L 11.6 x W 7 x T 3.3 cm (not including antenna)
Weight About 170g (not including battery)
Power 12V ~ 24V DC, 150 mA