CVS-02-OTG HD 2 Way Articulation OTG Videoscope
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2 Way Articulation HD OTG Videoscope from Taiwan Supplier_CIU


HD 2 Way Articulation OTG Videoscope

This 2-way articulating videoscope can go through and inspect narrow curved gaps easily and CVS-02-OTG 2-Way Articulation HD OTG USB Videoscope features one-hand control! The probe’s articulation angle can be adjusted by one hand. Light level adjustment and taking photos can also be done by one hand! Besides, our 2-Way HD OTG Videoscope can be compatible with Android Phones, laptops and PC, users can conveniently view and record real-time images by their phones or PCs to save extra costs on a video recorder and an external monitor. Moreover, this 2-Way videoscope’s is suitable for various applications. For industry, its D.O.F , 10-100mm and built-in LEDs can help users see close view on cracks and corrosion or check the status of the places and space hard to reach like pipelines, small gaps without lights. For vehicles, it can easily pass through parts inside vehicles for careful internal inspection. For the police and law enforcement, CVS-02-OTG can be a useful tool to find out contraband, drugs hidden in fuel tanks or bugs installed in small space like in air vent. It can be used as a narrow space rescue equipment for emergency. Contact CIU for more information. Email: 
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  • 90° Bending angle one side even the probe is not straight
  • Working with Android Phones and PC
  • Probe and lens can withstand IP67 waterproofing
Easy to use for various applications for
Law Enforcement, Security, Search ,Aviation, Automotive, plumber, building inspection, Border Inspection, Contraband Inspection

External diameter Φ 6mm
Articulation 2-way
Pixel point One megapixel pixels
F.O.V 120 Degrees
Depth of field 10-100 mm
Illuminant LED
Probe length 14 mm
Insert tube length 1.0m
Insert tube material Stainless steel silk weaving
Connector to Phone Type C
White Balance Automatic
Bend Angle (top / bottom) 180°
Compatible with Android or Windows
 Image resolution ratio


Key Function Take photos and adjust lights & One Key Lock
Data I/O Port USB 2.0
Storage temperature -20°C〜60°C
Operating temperature of the video probe -20°C 60°C, below 0°C should reduce the boot operation
Operating temperature of the host system -10°C 50°C, the LCD panel must be heated when it is below 0°C
Relative humidity Maximum of 90%, with no condensation

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