Hidden Backpack Dual Lens OTG Camera
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Hidden Backpack OTG camera


Backpack Hidden Dual Lens OTG camera

The Full HD OTG camera hidden in a daily use backpack, with a USB port for battery charging. Connect smartphone with the cover backpack hidden camera for video recording. The backpack OTG Spy camera is a USB On-The-Go external camera to be attached to Android device, it designed with two camera lens for mobile security surveillance.
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※Crossbody 1 strap backpack is not the same as the photos. Photo are just reference
New Spy Hidden Dual OTG Cameras is perfect for surveillance on the market.
Dual lenses are 1080P full HD resolution. Two cameras are hidden in a crossbody 1 strap backpack. A camera is installed behind the logo in the back of a backpack and the other one is located on one strap. You can change these two cameras as you wish to view and record images. The backpack with a phone’s USB battery charging port on the side helps you view images without attracting people’s attentions easily.

Resolution: 1080P
Cable Length: 1 Meter
Camera Size: 15*15*18mm
Focus: 3.6mm
FOV: 60 degrees
CMOS: 1/4”
OS working with: Above Android 4.4

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