CVS-11-W/ CVS-11W39

4-Way 3.9mm 6mm HD Thin Tungsten Videoscope (Dual Lens Available)

CIU offers high quality industrial rugged inspection videoscope with 4-way tip articulation and dual lens 3.9mm 6mm 8mm probe cameras are available. The Tungsten-braided waterproof IP 67 hand held 4-way Articulating Endoscope Inspection Camera System with 5.1 inch Monitor Display DVR comes with HD 3.9mm or 6mm diameter probe camera. This professional HD 4 way inspection videoscope is a rugged tool for various onsite remote visual inspections, able to inspect inaccessible areas for defects without harming. The HD 4-way articulation function makes the remote visual inspection easier and efficient. With the 4 way articulation function, users can control direction of probe camera to view as they wish easily.

5.1" LCD DVR with 4 Way Tungsten-Braided Inspection Camera Endoscope suitable for -
• Law Enforcement
• Defense
• Security
• Search
• Electric Vehicle Inspection
• Aviation
• Automotive, plumber, building inspection
• Border Inspection
• Contraband Inspection
*Dual Lens 3.9mm 6mm 8mm 4-way articulation probe cameras available
*Waterproof IP67 Tungsten-Braided Probe
*4-Way Articulation Endoscope/Videoscope
*Diameter 3.9mm 6mm 4-way articulating
*IP65 DVR Housing
* HD video image
4-Way Tungsten-Braided Videoscope
Tip Diameter (mm) Ø3.9 (Model # CVS-11-W39) Ø6 (Model # CVS-11-W)
Probe Length 1.5M /3M 1.5M / 3M/5M/6M/7M
Waterproof IP67 IP67
Resolution 1280*720 HD(One Camera)
450,000 pixels(Dual Lens)
1280*720 HD(One camera)
1280*720 HD(Dual Lens,1M/2M/3M long)
450,000 pixels (Dual Lens, 4M/5M long )
LED Light 20000LUX 50000LUX
Brightness Adjustment 9 Levels 9 Levels
Articulation Angle 1.5M -190°
For Dual lens 3.9mm , max. probe length up to 2.7M
Protecting Device 42mm buffer protection device between probe and handle
Light Source LED/ Optic Fiber
5.1” DVR
Display 5.1" color IPS display. All sight viewing angle, sunshade design
Display Resolution 1280*960
Zoom In / Out Digital zoom 2X/4X/8X
Language English / French / German / Spanish / Japanese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Russian / Korean  / Polish/ Italian
Software Function Image effect, exposure adjust ( ± 2 EV) , image freezing, scale on screen, aspect ratio adjust, digital zoom,  image rotate, white balance adjust
White Balance Suppression 5 levels adjustable, automatically adjusts and eliminates speckles to achive optimal images
White Balance Auto white balance / manual
Image Effect  Negative film / black & white / standard
Image Rotate Function 0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
Screen Scale Function Concentric circle scale / Cross line scale
Structure Hand-held integrated design
Image / Video Format JPEG / MOV
Data Port HDMI video output, Micro USB port with water & dust proof device
Storage Temperature -23℃~63℃
Working Temperature Display :30℃~60℃, when 0°C below, the display needs preheating.
Camera: -25℃~80℃, when 0°C below, please reduce probe articulation.
Working Time ≥8h
Battery Capacity 3.7V,3200mAh×2 (Detachable 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable type)
Power Charge DC 5V 1A

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CVS-11-W/ CVS-11W39

4-Way 3.9mm 6mm HD Thin Tungsten Videoscope (Dual Lens Available)
CIU offers high quality industrial rugged inspection videoscope with 4-way tip articulatio ...
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