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Vehicle Machine Repairing Maintenance by Remote Live Streaming Camera

Vehicle Machine Repairing Maintenance Monitoring by Remote Live Streaming Camera

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More and more clients from Automotive Vehicle industry write us email for Remote Live Streaming Body Worn Camera because they want to see and instruct their workers necessary settings by remote control in the office which is far away from their personnel.

CIU offers Economical solution- HD Wi-Fi Living Streaming Body Worn Camera CVR-06 to make all videos go live wirelessly and you can remotely review images via our APP on mobile devices or via our DEMO software in a PC from the second place without distance limit.What’s even best that you can TALK to your workers by SKYPE or Whatsapp during using our APP too.

Why to choose our Wi-Fi 4G Body Worn Wearable Camera?

The advantages compared to the current Wi-Fi body worn cameras on the markets:

1.Infinite distance Wireless Transmission- The biggest benefit of our Wi-Fi cameras is to be able to view LIVE video to keep an eye on things from afar, even from other country when the Wi-Fi camera connects to the internet through a Wi-Fi AP or through a Cell Phone’s 4G !


2. Extremely easy to use- No complicated settings by using the app

3.Quick and stable Wi-Fi connection- Save your time for Wi-Fi connection

4.Non -Stop Wireless connection - our Wi-Fi Body Worn Wearable Cameras still work perfectly even though they are used in the place full of Wi-Fi signals and won't easily stop transmitting image !

5. Applications-

 -Remote support at industrial installations & infrastructure

-Ameliorate situational awareness in control center

 -Improving personal safety

 -Gather video evidence

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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