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Wearable 4G camera for horse-riding

4G Horse Camera

Horseback riding has become extremely popular activity but also a high risk sport. Equestrian sport has evolved from traditional horse riding, and is now supported by modified and modernized equipment. Horse-riding equipment is to protect the rider against any accidents, likes: bitten, kicked by a horse; falling off a horse and injured.

Here are recently news about the horse-riding accident:

Woman thrown from horse,

Rider and horse stuck in the mud,

Discovery of riderless horse prompts search for missing B.C. 'cowboy

Not all of the horse riders carry mobile phone while riding, but it happens people went missing while riding horses. The lightweight 4G portable camera can help for missing horse rider.

Mount the Full HD miniature camera on horse, connect with battery and live stream the image and GPS data to the renter/landowner’s smartphone. 

This 4G wearable camera is a wireless micro camera with digital video recorder designed specifically for broadcast live video to mobile device that allows horse owner to real-time monitoring the horse at all times. The 4G camera also supports the video recording on its SD card.

The battery-powered 4G horse camera allows horse owner or renter to remote viewing their livestock without WiFi network and make video recording to SD card or mobile device.

Also the owner can trace the horse when ride alone, without a coach or missing. There is always the change that rider could fall off their horse suffer a serious injury or missing. To prevent riding accident, the 4G wearable camera comes with GPS function and voice talk for emergency assistance. 

1080P 4G wearable camera is a completely portable video security system with GPS and 2 way voice communication function, can easily repositioned and moved from one location to another location, live streaming images on a smartphone or tablet via 4G LTE network.

If the horse is suddenly missing, you can exactly view on the map in the app where it has gone.

The micro 4G camera comes with Full HD 1080P video camera, GPS function and voice call. Contact CIU Co., Ltd. to learn more about 4G micro horse camera.  

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