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Worry About The Threat of High-Tech Burglars?

Anti-Theft Burglar Jammer Detector to get rid of the threats of High Tech Burglary technique, Jamming Attacks

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          Now high-tech burglars use 433MHz, 868MHz, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, cell phone signal jammers to interfere the door opener, IoT(Internet of Things) and wireless home security sensors and other devices on those frequencies successfully break into a house in short time. To take counter-measures, home security providers can consider CIU's Anti-Jamming Indoor Home Security Detector RFD-12 to integrate into home security system to stop the jamming attack threats. 

How does Anti-Jamming Indoor Home Security Detector RFD-12 work?

By NO-NC output of 1.0 A relay, anti-cut protection, RFD-12 433/868/2.4GHz MHz Jammer Home Security Detector can send an alert to a command center, a base station, to notify them jamming attacks occur before the 433 / 868 / WiFi / Mobile communication of home security system is blocked to take actions stopping burglary criminals and saving property. 

Jamming Singal Detection Range : 

-300mW cell phone jammer up to 20 Meter​

-20mW 1 channel transmitter up to 15 Meter 

RFD-12 Anti-Theft Burglar 433/868MHz Cell Phone Jamming Home Security Detector Brochure >>
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