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Real-time monitor 4G vehicle camera

4G in-car camera supplier

More and more drivers looking for real-time viewing car video on a smartphone, 4G vehicle cameras protect your car from vandalism, accidents and live streaming real-time video to viewers via 4G LTE network.

4G automotive camera is just like a dashcam, it is a mini camera with built-in DVR and 4G modules, install a camera in front of the windscreen or hidden in other places as covert vehicle surveillance camera, the compact rugged size digital video recorder recording Full HD 1080p video, audio and GPS data.

Viewers able to control the camera via APP, download the video footage on a smartphone, turn on the motion detection recording to keep drivers aware when he is not in a vehicle. 4G in-car camera keeps an eye on your vehicle. 4G vehicle cameras help business owners, fleet managers and transport operators to monitor and reduce dangerous driving behaviors.

Only 3 steps to getting the 4G Live Streaming video, more details please check CIU Co., Ltd

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