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Can cloud storage keep our business data safe?

Secure Cloud Data
Company leaders are looking to grow their businesses and reduce expenses. The cloud storage solution helps enterprises to save IT hardware and software cost.

Cloud storage users can easy to share documents, files with client or colleagues from any location especially when file is too big to send.

Recently, the WannaCry ransomware attack also helps some companies turning to the Cloud.

But not every organizations move into Cloud! Most of business owners are concerns on cloud safety because data is store in somewhere not in your own data center, cloud provider may unauthorized access your data.

Cloud users is facing the danger of losing data, data thief, hacking attack.  Encrypted you could data is one way to increase the level of security. Scrambled sensitivity data can be a tool to control what employees have right to review the important data.   

Keep your company data secure in Cloud. CIU Co., Ltd offers PC data protection USB key and mobile device military grade hardware key generator device to secure you data in Cloud Storage. For details, please contact with

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