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More students are using high-tech to cheat in exams

anti exams cheating solution
In 10 April 2017 UK reported that Guardian uncovers 42% rise in cheating cases involving gadgets such as mobile phones and hidden earpieces since 2012.

We get more and more enquiries on the anti-exams cheating solution in 2017. Students use invisible spy camera, earpiece Bluetooth device connect with smartphone or smartwatch to establish two way secret communication during exams. Smart high-tech devices give students new way to cheat and cheating tools like spy ear cheating system is easy to get from internet shop or ebay. 

The simple and easy way is to use 4G, 3G, 2G cell phone signal detector to detect if there is any smartphone, smartwatch, 3G spy cameras or 4G hidden cameras in the classroom. If someone sends or receives message in the classroom, the detector detect the signal and give alarm.

There are more professional and powerful 4G 3G detector in the market but it required radio frequency experience and users need special training before using the professional cell phone detector.  



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