Encrypted Android phone

Encrypted Voice Text Data Mobile Phone Communication Dropbox Data Protection Micro SD Card CEM-02S


Secure Andriod phone Micro SD Card (Samsung S8 Android 7.0 compatible)

Secure your Android smartphone against wiretapping. CEN-02S a hardware encrypted key generator micro SD card, offer encrypted, secure and real-time messaging, encrypted voice call, SMS, text and file documents transfers, all protected by strong, authenticated, military grade end-to-end encryption.

Secure mobile communication is a Top propriety for everyone!

CEN-02S Encrypted Voice Text File Sharing Mobile Phone Communication Dropbox Data Protection Micro SD Card provides you with supreme point-to-point completely confidential encrypted voice call, message and file transfer.

You can exempt the doubt of being tapped through hardware encryption technology. CEN-02S Encrypted Voice Text Mobile Phone Communication Dropbox Data Protection Micro SD Card absolutely is the best choice for you or your company in voice contacting. All the voices, being processed with encrypted chip, become encrypted voice packages and send to other cell phone through the Internet. Then, the voices are decrypted with the encrypted chip in others’ cell phone. No need to be worried if it is being help up when transferring, because all the data packages have been encrypted. Even decrypted with super computer, it still takes 200 years of time. Moreover, the encrypted key of each phone call is created randomly and store in the encrypted chip, not in the cell phone so that it can resist the tapping of the Trojan virus. VIP encrypted phone can be used under well-connected environment. What’s more fascinating is that you can make encrypted phone calls even without SIM card!

Encrypt your mobile communication, including: voice call, message, text, IM chat and file sharing on Android phone to ensure mobile communication security with CEN-02S Encrypted micro SD card.

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Secure MicroSD Engine
•Compatible with Android OS Samsung S8 Android 7.0 (Sept.6th 2017 updated)
•FIPS 140-2 Level 3.
•The encryption module certified by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) in the US.
•The chip certified to CC EAL 5+. and can resist all the physical attack.
•Supports “in-chip” operations of AES-256, RSA 2048, SHA -256 and key exchange.
•Adopts SIP packaging technology to be able to resist Trojan attack.

Works fine with network
•3G/3.5G/4G,Wi-Fi or WiMAX.


•Against man-in-the-middle attack,against eavesdropping and against physical attack.
•Against spy programs that can even remotely activate the microphone on your device and record you via APPs or Spy phone software.

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