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Wi-Fi Direct Camera

WiFi Direct P2P Mini Camera Supplier
Wi-Fi Direct allows direct, peer-to-peer connection between two devices without a Wi-Fi access points or wireless router. The Wi-Fi P2P Camera allows user quickly find and connect smartphone with camera without needing to connected a network or hotspot. Also the peer-to-peer technology allows camera connect with end device without DDNS setting or other complicated setting. You are able Live streaming video or share photo with someone when there is not hotspot around.

Regarding to Wi-Fi safety issue, Wi-Fi Direct support WPA2 authentication and encryption; more secure than ad-hoc network (uses WEP encryption).

If you are interesting to set up the wireless video monitor system, contact with for Wi-Fi Direct mini camera with AES-128 encryption. Fast and Easy Setup the remote access Live monitor, motion detection recording and recorded video remotely via Mini Wireless WiFi P2P Video Camera. 

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