Tactical Tungsten Wi-Fi IR 4-Way Articulation Videoscope CVS-11R
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CVS-11R,Tactical Tungsten Wi-Fi IR 4-Way Articulation Videoscope


Tactical Tungsten Wi-Fi IR 4-Way Articulation Videoscope

Ultra-Long Viewing Distance
With the use of high-power rear-mounted IR light system, precision coupling technology as well as multi-mode lens group and nano coating technology, it realizes ultra-long viewing distance of more than 10 meters.

White/IR light source, one key toggle
Integrated design of IR & white dual light sources. Support one-key fast toggle.
White/IR light source, one key toggle
Ultra-long viewing distance
Flexible options for tube diameter
Joystick control, 360° articulation
Dual-battery design, long working time

360° accurate positioning
360° all-way articulation, damping type positioning design, precise probe locking technology, makes the detection more accurate and efficient.
Stretchable rod
It can be used for inspection on different objects, such as the bottom of a car, ceiling, etc.
Working time
Original design of dual battery mode, working time is more than 8h, real-time battery indication
Working time
Probe System Probe Diameter (mm) Φ6.0 (±2)
Insertion Probe 5 layers tungsten-braided tube
Image/Video Resolution 640*480
Display Resolution 1280×960
DOF(mm) 50-∞
FOV 90°
Light Source IR only or IR & White LED dual light
Illuminance Maximum: 50000Lx, 10 level control
Tube Length 3.0m
Compatibility Replaceable different tube length
Protecting Device of Durability 42mm buffer protection device between tube and handle
Articulation 360° all-way
Bending Angle Maximum:190°
Probe Positioning Damping positioning & articulation lock device
Monitor System Compatibility Replaceable monitor size
Display 5.1" color IPS display
Zoom in/out 8X
Language English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Chinese/Korean...12 languages
IP Level Probe/tube: IP67
Software Function Playback, image parameters adjust and rotate
Structure Hand-held integrated design
Image/video format JPEG/MOV
Memory 16GB
Scale Compare and analyze the internal defect and size of the inspected object
Data Port HDMI, Micro USB, TF card, Earphone with water & dust proof
Working Time ≥4h
Battery Capacity Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 3.7V, 3200mAhx2
Power Charge DC5V, 1A
Weight 0.55~0.8Kg (with battery)
Operating Environment Probe working Temperature -20°C ~ +85°C
System Working Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Relative Humidity Maximum: 92%, Non-condensing