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Body Temperature Detection System


Fever Detection System

The Fever Screening System is ideal for contactless body temperature monitoring in high traffic areas, likes airports, schools, trade fairs and events. There are two sensors in the Non-Contact Fever Detection System, one is 2MP full color video and other one is thermal imager; color video for display the target and thermal for measure temperature.
Thermal and Optical Camera detects forehead temperature and can simultaneously check up to 15 people (even with facemask). When the high temperature is detect, the system send alarm directly to operators. The thermal detection system helps to create a secure environment and reduce the risk of infection.
Fever Detection System consists of a thermal color video camera and temperature monitoring software, is used as COVID-19 fever detection solution for accurately identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature and have a systemic fever and may be suffering from Coronavirus.
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■ Advantage
  • High accuracy, even from distance of up to 3-5 meters
  • Simultaneously check up to 15 people
  • Dual image fusion viewing
  • No need blackbody devices
  • Heat object detect and auto tracking
The Temperature Monitoring Software allows online viewing, recording/playback of recorded video and thermal images, log events recorded and linkage actions after alarm is triggered. Alarm action includes:recording / snapshot / audio / PTZ preset / Email / zoom / DO and pop-up video.
The thermal video camera collect the temperature data including max., min, and average data for 6 spot & 6 box, total are 24 point temperature.
Support max. 9 active temperature curve charts to present the data.
■ Hardware Specification
Full color video camera
Resolution 2MP (1920x1080 pixels) 16:9
Field of view 65° (hor.) x 40° (ver.)
Frame rate Max. 30fps
Thermal Imager
Resolution 80x60 pixels
Field of view 51° (hor.) x 38.25° (ver.)
Frame rate Max. 7fps
Sensitivity 0.1°C / 100mk (NETD)
Sensing range 20 ~ 100°C
Accuracy ± 5°C
Video Stream
Format H.264 (video camera)
Bitrate Max. 4Mbps
  • Support IEEE802.11b/g WiFi and RS45 ethernet and connection simultaneously
  • Selectable WiFi AP and Client mode
  • Selectable static IP and DHCP ethernet
  • Reset button x1 (Return to factory default)
  • LED indicator (blue) x1 (Normal operation)
  • LED indicator (yellow) x1 (Network packet act.)
Power input 5Vdc / 2.5A (Micro-USB connector)
Operating temp. 0 ~ 40°C, ≦95%RH
Storage temp. -10 ~ 60°C, ≦95%RH
Dimensions 101.3(H) x 65.5(W) x 43.8(D)mm
■ Package Information
One set thermal video camera and one copy of monitoring software
The software supports 1 channel of camera input
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