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Covid-19 AI Face Mask Detection System, Social Distancing Alert


Covid-19 AI Body Temperature Detection

Covid-19 AI Body Temperature Detection and Face Mask Detection System is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution used to real-time measure skin temperature and detect face mask in high-traffic or populated areas through fast-action target screenings.
The Covid-19 Fever and Face Mask Detection system includes a thermal camera to scan Elevated Body Temperature, alert module to immediately inform if detect the infected individuals, and face mask detection module from real-time video stream.
The AI powered Human Temperature Screening System that enables to deliver a quick deployable platform that can help businesses to provide a safe environment for employees, customers and visitors from COVID-19.
■ Benefits
Camera with Analytics Camera Alone
Data recorded and processed to reveal relevant information for real-time alerts and quick retrieval Data recorded, relevant information not extracted or only manually extracted
Versatile system, analytics can be added to any camera in the network Fixed functionality
Multiple analytics can be applied to the same camera (our platform has 15 functions and analytic engines) Singular built-in analytic per camera, e.g., FR camera, LPR camera
High-accuracy 4th-gen deep learning technology  
Low Total cost of ownership  
■ Body Temperature Detection Features:
  1. Measure facial temperature and ignore non-facial temperature with both of Thermal & Visual cameras
  2. Real time high temp alerts
  3. Pre and post measurement location tracking
  4. Integrate with access control systems
  • Detect face
  • Detect face temperature
  • Alert above threshold
  • Match face for high-temp ID
Accurate Face and Temperature Detection
Even with facemasks and across multiple people
High Temp Alert
  • Employee A205
  • Female, Age 35-40
  • Building 3
  • -06/10/2020 – 11:20:31AM
■ Facemask Detection
  • Detect with / without facemask
  • Real-time alerts
  • Location tracking
■ Facemask and Facial Recognition
  • Recognize faces with or without facemasks
  • Match masked and unmasked images of the same person
  • Match to approved list for automated access control
  • Show paths and locations based on camera location and timestamps
  • Requires no database, protecting privacy
■ Social Distancing Detection
  • Detect 2 or more people within 6ft of each other in lines
  • Real-time alerts
  • No false alerts
  • Inside, outside, day, night, low-light
■ Occupancy Detection
  • Measure occupancy of an enclosed and defined space in real time
  • Restaurant, store, gym, exercise room…
  • Alert when occupancy exceeds user defined threshold
  • Count across multiple entrances and exits to manage occupancy across rooms, floors, facilities
■ Contactless Access Control
  • Use Face Recognition and/or License Plate Recognition to open doors and gates
  • Use in conjunction with Facemask and/or Temperature Detection
  • Integrate with 3rd party VMS and access control systems