Secure Mobile Communication Solution
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Secure Mobile Communication Solution

Secure mobile communication solution for Android and iOS (at least 100 users). CEN-03 is a hardware encrypted key generator micro SD card offers encrypted, secure and real-time messaging, voice call, and file documents stored on a cell phone. The encrypted micro SD card with robust internal circuit design, uses CC EAL5+ certified secure element with military-grade security. End-to-end secure mobile communication helps commercial and government organizations away from calls and message interception.

Encrypted mobile communication Solution for Android and iOS provides users  with a supreme point-to-point completely confidential encrypted voice call, message and file stored on a cell phone. Employees can use their personal, off-the-shelf mobile phone and creat a secure communication group for encrypted voice call and chat via CEN-03 encrypted micro SD card, a hardware-based encryption solution for both Android and iOS mobile device.
Enabling communication on users’ devices of choice, including Bring your own device with CEN-03 encrypted mobile solution, can speed up business, protect sensitivity data and company privacy.
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Cryptographic Features:
Supported Algorithms:
  • Message digest: SHA-2, SHA-3, HAMC
  • RSA 2048
  • ECC with prime-field curves (up to 521 bits) and Edward curve
  • AES 256 with modes: ECB, CBC, OFB, GCM, XTS
  • Random number generator: AIS-31 (class PTG2) certified TRNG with NIST SP800-90A Hash-DRBG
  • PKCS#11
  • Native API
  • Module: CC EAL 4+
  • Security chip: CC EAL 5
Secure and Private Mobile Communication Solution for Business (minimum 100 users)

CEN-03 encrypted micro SD card enables enterprises to provide the strongest cryptographic algorithms and security protocols to encrypt the mobile communication to its management, strategic projects or highly confidential task teams. You can have secure voice call, chat and data sortage. 

CEN-03 Mobile Security Solution combines the benefits of hardware-based cryptography and software-based secure voice application on a smartphone. The seccure micro SD card enables high speed data encryption. Its protocol can also be tailored for private messengers such as Signal. The current micro SD card supports "in-chip" operations of crypto alogrithms and key exchange. Adopts SIP packaging technology to be able to resist Trojan attack, client side's resistance to sppofing or tampering attacks.

  • Against man-in-the-middle attack
  • Against eavesdropping and against physical attack
  • Secure your data and communications from hackers and corporate espionage

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