Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance Solution
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AI-powered intrusion detection solution

AI-Powered Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

The AI-powered virtual fences detection and instruction alert allows automate the monitoring tasks for high-risk sites to provide a high level of security and security personnel monitoring efficiency
Traditional intrusion detection systems detect objects based on size and location, but they do not recognize the type of objects. Smart Intrusion Detection and Virtual Fences Solution, with the built-in AI algorithms to recognize over 100 types of objects, can distinguish objects of interest, e.g., a person, from irrelevant objects in the Region of Interest (ROI), (e.g., animal, plastic bags, moving shadows at dawn/dusk). Thus, Intelligent Intrusion Detection System can significantly decrease the false-positive rate.
Traditional systems have low performance at night due to poor video falsely recognized as object. AI-powered Intrusion Detection System, being easily integrated with any existing system and having high accuracy from deep learning, works well with infrared camera.
AI-powered Intrusion Detection System Advantage:
  • Support intrusion detection based on object type, colors, quantities, and time frame
  • Support multiple Region of Interests of any shape for different object types in the same frame
  • Support different sensitivity levels to distinguish between loitering and/or simple intrusion
  • High performance in daytime, nighttime, indoors and outdoors
  • Decrease false alarms by orders of magnitude
  • Flexibility and Easy-to-use AI-powered Instruction Detection Function
Example of usage:
In the camera view angle, the users can create a virtual fencing area, which send an alarm if a vehicle, person or animal crosses a virtual fence. The AI-powered Instruction Detection System can categorize objects and determine their position relative to the Region of Interest independently of the camera position, i.e., a person standing between the camera and the ROI will not trigger an alert until he physically enters the ROI. Some application cases are: the system detects breaches into secure zones, unauthorized activity and movement in specific areas, perimeter intrusion, and loitering in sensitive areas.

(a) Multiple ROIs of any shape can be defined for different types of objects in the same frame: e.g., the sidewalk is set to detect bicycles, whereas the street is set to detect people crossing.
(b) According to the example rule set in (a), people crossing the street trigger the alert (identified in the blue rectangles), but the car in the ROI does not.
(c) The sensitivity level can be set to distinguish between loitering and/or simple intrusion: e.g., the region near the side walk can be set as the no-parking zone by specifying sensitivity level 5 for cars, so that the alarm is only triggered if a car stays there for a length of time.
(d) High performance at night: the person is detected crossing the street with low-light.
(e) 3D detection: a person who appears in the ROI but is actually between the camera and the ROI does not trigger the alarm
(f) A person who reaches into the ROI while standing outside of the ROI, i.e., an example of suspicious activity in the ROI, triggers the alarm.
AI-powered Instruction Detection Integration with other systems:
Intelligent Intrusion Detection System is designed to easily integrate with other management and sensor systems to increase the protection level and time to react to events.
For example, AI-powered Intrusion Detection can integrate with Optex REDSCAN laser detectors via the App-Techs MXPBridge to analyze the event stream from cameras via a Milestone server and activate alarms on Milestone’s Smart Client based on Redwall Event Codes, including Device ID, Master Alarm, Multiple Areas, Tamper / Device Monitoring, ect.

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