Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance Solution
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AI-powered LPR

AI License Plate Recognition Function Introduction

AI-powered License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one of the function from Smart Video Search Box. Our license plate recognition solution is a hardware device with build-in deep learning-based powerful license plate detection, recognition, and search software. 
The Smart LPR is a real-time, high-performance system to accurately capture and recognize license plate information in over 100 countries worldwide.
The AI-powered LPR system floating license enables one to use the IP-based surveillance cameras for multiple AI functions to monitor suspicious or anomalous behavior, improve access control, and match against watch lists, especially at choke points where vehicles enter or exit a facility
Key advantages  
  • Support license plate / automatic number-plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) at highway speeds
  • Real-time analytics: AI-powered LPR constantly processes video from multiple camera live streams to capture and identify license plates as they become identifiable in the camera field of view
  • Easy integration with existing VMSs and NVRs such as Milestone, Panasonic, etc.
  • Easy integration with all standard ONVIF IP-based cameras, no need to install special LPR cameras
  • Floating license to enable flexibility in assigning LPR functionalities to choke points of high sensitivity
Features of AI License Plate Recognition
  • Can capture and read license plate images at a slight angle (~20 degrees, not completely facing cameras)
  • Can capture and read license plate in dim lighting conditions (nighttime).
Recognition and search
  • Enable user to search for certain license plate numbers in two modes: search in recorded video & search in list
  • Automatically match detected license plates with saved lists
  • Enable partial license plate search, i.e., the user can enter any characters in license plates to search for potential matches in the database
  • Enable vehicle search based on type, e.g., query ‘car(yellow)’ to search for a yellow car, in addition to searching based on license plate
  • Provide real-time alerts: Smart ALPR constantly processes video from multiple camera live streams to capture and identify license plates as they become identifiable in the camera field of view
  • Set alert for specific lists of license plates
  • Set alert for license plates NOT in any list
  • Set schedule for alert, e.g., alert when vehicle in List A enters campus at 5pm-7am on Monday-Friday and all day on weekend
Record and listing
  • Record detected license plates with time stamps and camera names in history for easy review
  • Enable the system administrator to add multiple blacklists/whitelists
  • Enable adding captured license plate to existing or new lists
  • Identify and edit misidentified license plates as necessary
  • Support live view of vehicle entries / exits
  • Display cropped snapshots of detected license plates and the corresponding 10-second clip of the event
System setting and integration
  • Support the license plate formats and languages of 100+ countries
  • Support live stream from all standard ONVIF IP-based cameras
  • Integrate with many existing VMSs and NVRs such as Milestone, Genetec, Axis, Honeywell, Bosch, VideoInsight, Hanhwa, etc
Smart Automatic License Plate Recognition Application
  • Vehicle Access Control, where the gate is only opened for authorized vehicles and all visiting vehicles automatically are registered. AI-powered LPR can combine with other AI functions, such as: AI Intrusion Detection, AI Face Recognition, AI Object Detection and Tracking, the Smart AI Box can be used for crime deterrence and physical security protection. Real-time alerts can be generated when unauthorized vehicles enter a campus.
  • Monitoring, Controlling and Managing Traffic, monitoring the traffic flow in the road network using historical data, estimates, observations and statistics such as car park usage, pedestrian crossing usage, number of vehicles along a road, areas of low and high congestion, frequency, location and cause of road works. In addition, live stream from cameras can help traffic control centers to make traffic management decisions in real time. AI-powered LPR enables one to monitor individual vehicles and automatically provide information about the speed and flow of various routes. These details can highlight problem areas when they occur and help administrators make informed incident management decisions.
  • Lost or Stolen Vehicle Search, recovery of stolen vehicles, identification of wanted felons, etc. Successfully recognized plates are matched against databases including "wanted person", "protection order", missing person, immigration violator, etc.
  • Airport Traffic Management, to ensure that only authorized vehicles can access the taxi / public transport lanes
Trade Information
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