Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance Solution
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AI-powered video search box

Smart Video Search Function Introduction

Smart Video Search AI Box helps security surveillance users quickly and easily to find objects or persons of interest. The main customer pain points in the video surveillance industry are:
1. Lack of a tool to perform object and person search in recorded video files from multiple sources, e.g. smart phones, YouTube, surveillance cameras, etc.
2. Lack of a fast, real-time search for 100+ types of objects and person attributes.
3. Accidental elimination or overlooking key video events or evidence due to human error.

The Smart Video Search Box turns your video system with Artificial Intelligence driven system. The AI Smart Search Box has built-in artificial intelligence software and hardware video search capability for fast, efficient search of video objects stored in NVR or DVR storage devices. AI Box eliminates the need to manually inspect hours of video for objects or persons of interest and enables the user to locate the needle in the haystack of terabytes of video data. The user experience is intuitive and based on an easy-to-use natural language interface. Search engine keywords include many types of vehicles (car, bus, motorbike, and bicycle), people, faces, and colors.
Artificial Intelligence Technology for Video Surveillance
The field of artificial intelligence, known as machine learning or cognitive computing, has become highly popular and rapidly advancing in recent years. The rise of deep neural network technology has dramatically revolutionized many industries, such as healthcare, retail marketing and education.
The advantage of using deep learning-based algorithms over legacy computer vision algorithms is that these systems can be continuously trained and improved with better and larger data sets. Many applications have shown that deep learning systems can achieve 99.9% accuracy for certain tasks; in contrast, it is notably difficult to improve a computer-programming-based system past 95% accuracy.
The AI-powered Smart Video Search Solution uses a deep-learning-based search engine. Instead of spending hours sifting through terabytes of video footage, now the users can quickly identify objects such as colors, vehicles, buses, face and person within seconds. Because AI Box deep learning video search technology is continuously trained to recognize new objects instead of being based on static computer programming, it significantly reduces the development time and cost.
Simple Configuration and Management
The Smart Video Search AI Box is intended to be used with existing DVRs or NVRs. The AI Box connects to standard DVR/NVR via LAN Ethernet cables. The AI Box will download the video files from the DVR/NVR and performs AI-based object detection and recognition. The extracted image meta data will be stored in the AI Box for fast retrieval and viewing.
Key Functions
  • Video Analytics Engine including deep-learning object and color detections
    • Instant object search in the basic search mode
      Video Search Color
    • Multiple key parameter search in the Advanced Search mode
    • Types of objects: vehicles, people, animals, objects (cell phone, knife, bag, etc.)
    • Advanced Search keyword reference
      • Object search key words: Example: bicycle, motorbike, car, bus
      • People related search key words: Example: person, face
      • Numeric classification: Example: car<=5, person>=3
      • Search by color: Example: car(yellow), person(blue) (i.e., person wearing blue shirt)
        Smart Video Search
      • AND expressions search: Example: car(yellow)=2 and person (i.e., search for videos with yellow car and three cars in the scene and a person)
    • Thumbnail search result view
      • Two modes of search result: thumbnail view and list view
      • Export report of search result to Excel.
      • Scene detected objects from search result.
    • Instant playback of recorded video
      • Configurable time parameter of instant playback
      • Playback videos with integrated NVR and VMS
  • Administration & System Management
    • Camera Management
      Video Search AI Box
    • User Management & Access Control
    • Resource Pool Management for Live Stream and Footage Videos
    • Job Dashboard to Monitor and Control Analytical Jobs
      Video Search Function
    • AI Video Search System Configuration
      • Hardware system information
      • Ability to export the configuration file
      • Factory reset with pre-stored configuration files (system, network and application)
      • Time zone and NTP server configuration
      • Network
      • Storage: Configurable volume threshold policy and retention period
      • System performance monitoring- CPU, memory, disk, network and application process.
      • SMTP Notification Configuration
      • System log and Application log monitoring
Additional Functions (upon request)
  • Intrusion detection: multiple setting combinations (object type, color, number) for object + people detection in real time
  • Face Search: face detection and matching from uploaded image to video footage to quickly locate people without a face database
Trade Information
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  • Payment Details
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  • Minimum Order : 1 - 100
  • Delivery Details
  • Lead Time : 90 Days
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