Wireless Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector
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RFD-20,Wireless Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector


Wireless Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector

Digital and Analog Wireless Camera Detector
Browsing internet for wireless spy camera, you can find various types of spy cameras, disguised as clocks, power adaptor with build-in Wi-Fi module.
Our portable Wi-Fi hidden camera finder is the most reliable and user-friendly design, detect all 2.4GHz pinhole camera and Wi-Fi hidden camera; protecting your privacy. The advanced software enables the filtering of most of the in-band signals emitted from non-2.4GHz frequency
The Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Sweeper with adjustable detection sensitivity can easily and quickly to locate the wireless hidden camera in office, hotel or room. When the Wi-Fi Camera Detector discovered the target, it provides alarm and display “8 or 9” digit on monitor.
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Detection Frequency 2400 MHz Band : 2400~ 2483.5 MHz 
Detection mode  RF power peak detection
Antenna  Internal
Sensitivity  > - 70 dBm @ Antenna (adjustable)
Dynamic Range  > 35 dB
Sensitivity Adjustment  Up and Down Buttons from 0 to 100%
Radius of Coverage Area   Up to 20 meters under typical conditions @-85dBm
Alarm mode   ■ Beeper (Open air) 
  ■ Beeper (Earphone) 
  ■ Vibratory + LED flasher
  ■ Silent mode
LED Display   ■ Signal Strength
  ■ Low Battery Alerts @ < 3.3V , display on LED screen
Red LED Indicator  ON & OFF:Charging in progress and completed
Power Supply  Internal , 3.7V, 1880 mAh lithium battery
Operation Time  > 8 hours with fully charged battery
USB Charger   Input:100-240 VAC , 50-60Hz  
Output: 5V DC, 1A max
Charge Time  <1.5 hours
Charge Port  USB to micro-USB AB type jack
Dimension  150 (H) x 80 (W) x25 (T) mm
Weight  160 grams (including battery)