IR/RS485 Digital Scramble Video Transmitter Receiver CTX-03
2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless IR /RS485 Transmitter Receiver


IR/RS485 2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless Transmitter Receiver

CTX-03 2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless Transmitter Receiver adopts wireless radio frequency technology to transmit audio and video signals. This is fully digitalized and has strong anti-interference capability, using digital encryption technology. 

CTX-03 2.4Ghz digital transceiver has two versions, one support IR remote control (CTX-03-IR); another one has RS-485 port (CTX-03-RS).

The CTX-03-IR 2.4 GHz digital wireless audio/video transmitter receiver kit with IR remote control extender offers user a long distance to wirelessly control CATV box, DVD/DVR player or others home/office devices. Our strong anti-interference 2.4 GHz digital Audio Video Sender can transmit data from location of your A/V source equipment through walls, floors, across the hallway or from the basement to the TV upstairs. Using the CTX-03-IR for sharing audio video signal in different rooms for family entertainment. No extra wires to deal with and no more construction for cable installation.

CTX-03-RS 2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless Transmitter with RS-485 port can control PTZ camera (pan-tilt-zoom camera) works like a wireless PTZ transmitter kit. The 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Audio Video and RS485 Data Transmitter Set allows you turn any analog PTZ camera in to a wireless PTZ camera.

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• Strong anti-interference capacity.
• Transmission range up to 800m
• 30 frames/per second at 720 x 480 (D1) resolution
• With built-in IR extender (only for CTX-03-IR 2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless IR Transmitter Receiver)
• Support PAL/NTSC system
• CTX-03-IR 2.4GHz Long Distance Digital Wireless IR Transmitter Receiver,compatible with CATV box, DVD, VCD, DVR, security monitoring system, personal computer, digital TV set top box, multimedia game console, Home entertainment
• Frequency: ISM 2400~2483MHz Hopping
• Transmission power: Minimum 100mW
• Receiver Consumption current: 500mA
• Modulation: QPSK
• Maximum distance: Open space up to 800m
• Image compression: H.263
• Power supply: 12V/1A(RS485)
• Video & Audio input connector: 3.5mm phone jack(RS485 doesn't have audio function)
• Wireless transmission rate: 10M bps
• Wireless transmission: FHSS

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