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Who needs H.265 coding camera?

4G body worn camera supplier
Video compression is the process of reducing and removing redundancy a video data in such a way that it consumes less space than the uncompressed file and is easier to save or send video data over the network.

Deliver or transmit high-quality 4K and 8K videos take a huge space of bandwidth. H.265 (High-Efficiency Video Coding, HEVC) is an advanced video encoding standard for Ultra High Definition video which further reduces storage consumption and cost saving while transmitting data over cellular networks further remaining the same level of video quality.

Compare to the H.264 (AVC Advanced Video Coding), the HEVC video is about 50% saving on the bandwidth and storage requirements. When using the H.265 codec for live video broadcasting, it provides smooth video playing, low-bandwidth connection, and less video latency.

Our 4G portable camera supports H.265 and H.264 video compression for efficiency live streaming over LTE network to mobile devices.

With the benefit of the bandwidth saving, there will be more H.265 supports body worn camera comes to the market.

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