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Precise Cell Phone Frequency Detector

Professional Mobile Phone Signal Detector
We understand why customers are looking for a mobile phone signal scanner which only detects 2, 3 and 4G mobile signal and not bothered by Wi-Fi. Most of the handheld RF bug finder cover signal from 50 MHz to 6.0GHz, it detects on any wireless devices within this range, such as audio bugs, wireless hidden camera, GSM listening devices, Bluetooth devices.

Radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave frequency, it has signal overspill issue and makes the 3rd party receives the signal outside of its geographical target area. When using the market available RF bug scanner, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) experts takes more times to search and identify the target.

The smartphone is a communication phone and also a spy device (GSM audio bug, 3G/4G hidden video camera) therefore our professional handheld 4G cell phone detector is designed to scan only mobile phone signal. This 4G smartphone signal scanner will not be trigger by Wi-Fi router or WLAN wireless camera because we are using individual modules for each band. Users do not need to turn off the wireless device before bug sweeping.


RFD-10 outstanding features:

  • Fine sensitivity tuner for each individual frequency band

  • Can capture the sporadic up-link transmission of "Registration Request" signal.

  • Can capture the instantaneous internet-packet-data upload signal

  • Can capture the spontaneous short message transmission!

Also, you need to understand the mobile phone signal detector cannot tell you the location of the target phone but helps to scan for radio frequency signal in a place.

More details on professional RF detector check with CIU Co., Ltd.



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