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Cell phone issue in prison

Prison cell phone jammer solution
The world smallest tiny mobile phone, only 2.75 inch high (7cm) is very popular in prison because this tiny size is easy to be hidden and smuggled into prison.

The prisoners are not allowed to have cellular phones because inmates can use mobile phones to communicate with the outside world to run more criminal activities.

According to the report, more than 5,000 contraband cell phones were confiscated from inmates by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in 2016 and the 
numbers go higher in 2017.

Some US federal and local prisons are pushes to use cell phone jamming technology to stop the illegal mobile phone use in prison. More details, please check :

Cell phone in prison


Most of the country requires the license to use the cell phone signal jamming system. Cell phone blocker is using at mobile phone forbidden area to prevent sensitive information/data leaked via a cellular network. What is jammer? Mobile phone jammer is a cellular signal blocker, jammer transmits the same cell phone radio signal overpower and disrupt the communication between the phone and base station. When installing the signal blocker, the jamming distance can only in-jail and does not obstruct the mobile signal outside the prison.   

RF Jamming technology is one of the solutions to solve the issue of contraband cell phones by inmates. 

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