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2017 Balkans Product Demo

Portable 4G Camera Supplier
CIU Co., Ltd is a professional portable security equipment supplier, in order to let our customer learn more about the Portable 4G LTE Video Transmitter, Easy to use Stable Wi-Fi Video Camera, Encrypted Mobile Communication, Handheld GPS Jammer Detector and Industrial Inspection Camera, we are going to Balkans (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia) at the end of Oct.  Welcome to visit us.

Wearable 4G/Wi-Fi video transmitter provides wireless HD/Full HD live video streaming and recording over Wi-Fi or 4G LTE mobile network. Simple setting and easy to use. The 4G/Wi-Fi lightweight wired-free camera support mobile remotely monitoring across the globe.

Encrypted mobile communication solution offers military grade protection on Android phone to secure your voice/text/document. Protect your privacy from hacking.

Handheld GPS Jammer Detector is designed to detect and locate if any GPS jamming signals. Vehicle thieves, hijackings and the theft of cargo use GPS Jammer for illegal activity; the GPS Jammer Detector is an anti-theft solution, able to determine if the target is actively jamming 

4 way Industrial hand-held inspection cameras and 2-way video scope help diagnose and solve problems in tight spaces. CIU offers various video inspection camera, from the white LED to IR; from one meter to 30 meters cable length and various camera diameter.
Date Location Address
Oct. 1  Sofia, Bulgaria Hotel Marinela Sofia
James Bourchier Boulevard 100, 1407 Sofia
Nov. 02 Bratislava, Slovakia Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel
Hviezdoslavovonam 381102 Bratislava
Nov. 06 Zagreb, Croatia Croatian Chamber of Economy
Rooseveltov trg2, 10000 Zagreb
Nov. 08 Ljubljana, Slovenia Chamber of commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Dimiceva 13, Sl-1504 Ljubljana

Look forward to seeing you

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