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If your camera being hacked

Secure 4G Camera
A huge number of IoT cameras produced by a Chinese manufacturer can be remotely hacked, according to Aug. 2017 report. The firmware that was used in those unsecure cameras was also used by other German companies, which means same firmware with the same vulnerabilities to attacks. More details report
Not just internet-connected device and webcam, baby monitor, CCTV that are all at risk from cyber threats. A Russian website broadcast feed from thousands of unsecured web cams, Wi-Fi camera. The video footages came from all over the world and without camera owner's knowledge, permission. Is it your camera on the list?
It is hard to know when your camera has been attacked. Hackers could go unnoticed to an untrained eye, and most people wouldn't know where and how to check it. With less secure smart home gadgets, hackers could easily literally hold your home to ransom and remote control IoT devices. Just a few simple steps to secure your IoT devices and camera from cyberattack:
  • Update camera firmware
  • Password protection, use stronger password and username, change it periodically
  • Changed the default settings
  • For the wireless camera, turn your WiFi to WPA2-encrypted
  • When not using the webcam, place tapes cover the camera to avoid a hacker from viewing and recording through your computer. Just like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did.
If you find any strange noise or blinking LED on the internet-connected device, unplug it and look for helps. Remember to purchase the secure camera from trusted sources.

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