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Good WiFi Mini Camera Transmit Real-Time video

Wi-Fi mini camera supplier
When we developed the Live Streaming Wearable WiFi Mini Camera, our engineer team faced lots of challenges; it was not easy to make an ultra-small size camera with video recording and real-time live video transmission.

A successful video stream depends on high-quality network connection, bandwidth, video compressed, encoding, hardware and many others. (Likes software, secure platform).
Streaming high-quality video from outdoor or remote locations where network connections are unreliable is challenging. Before broadcasting, video needs go through video compression technology to reduce the video size without losing quality. So it can sending real-time encoded video to connected mobile device or command center.
It is a challenge to build all hardware, RF module, video recording and software into one small pocket device.

Customers care on overall products size and operation time, engineer team needs to put hardware, software, communication function in a limited space. We have to say it is much harder to make the pocket size live streaming camera DVR.

We also need to consider where the Wi-Fi Mini Camera is going to use because the wireless connection is very depend on the working environment and local infrastructure; make sure a reliable connection to a smartphone and smoothly broadcasting video.

Live Broadcasting Wearable Camera provides benefits of

  • cost effective solution for remote real-time monitoring

  • mobile and the easiest to use

  • able to use in cover surveillance

  • support remote viewing and local viewing

Interesting and want to learn more about Wi-Fi Wearable Camera, please contact with CIU Co., Ltd.  


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