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Hidden 4G Camera DVR in Car Security

4G hidden car camera supplier
Most of vehicles has dash camera to record the view in front of driver’s windscreen. Car DVR is a way to protect your vehicles from accidents. But when you turn off the car, the car camera will also stop recording.

One customer’s vehicle was attacked by car thief three times within one year when parking in the street.  Nothing he can get from the CAR DVR because the camera is power off. We suggest him to install an interior hidden camera to monitor the car. The hidden design is to secure the camera from physically destroy. The 4G LTE hidden car camera able wireless transmit live audio and video to your smartphone or PC and does not care if there is Wi-Fi. The best is the motion detect function, 4G mini camera start recording when detect any movement. Drivers able to use mobile devices to real-time monitor the vehicles.

Full HD 1080p video delivers amazing clarity and provides a clearly proof of what really happen.

This is a portable, wearable and can hide easily all-in-one 4G camera solution for live video recording and streaming. 

If you are looking for portable 4G wireless surveillance, or real-time remote surveillance for oil and gas industry, farms, telecommunication, or remote cabins. CIU Co., Ltd. may have the solution for you.

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