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How the wearable WiFi Camera works?

Portable WiFi P2P Camera Supplier
The point-to-point portable WiFi camera works like a wearable video server makes real-time video broadcasting more easy and simple. The wearable HD camera with build-in Wi-Fi and digital video recorder supports live monitoring from Android smartphone /iphone, tablet or PC.  Just a pocket size all-in-one Wi-Fi video server, you can start live video streaming without complex systems of a router, camera, DVR.


Use mobile device to download the APP, scan the mini WiFi camera QR code. At the same time APP will get the device name and UID to perform the point to point internet connection. After connected, you get the direct live video feed between your smartphone and wearable Wifi camera. Users can control camera movement from anywhere through APP.  


CIU Co., Ltd. offers Peer-to-Peer WiFi mini camera with multiple connection types. The camera itself acts as the router; smartphone connect to the wireless camera directly to get real-time video when two devices are in the same place. If you are away from the camera, connect WiFi camera with local wireless router or 4G LTE cellular network, you can get live-time video from anywhere in the world without distance limit. The portable WiFi camera just like a wearable IP camera but without complicated network setting, provide the real-time monitoring for mobile security surveillance, industrial and commercial portable security application.  


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