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Live Streaming Video

4G WiFi video transmitter supplier
When using the wireless video camera, users care about the video quality, visually lossless, reliable and secure wireless connection also low latency video streaming.

The main problems from the market available Wi-Fi Cameras are camera offline, disconnect, unstable Wi-Fi connection, poor video quality.

CIU Co., Ltd offers professional wireless video solution, delivers low latency video streaming, helps live-time remotely video monitor on mobile device from any location.

The portable video server provides wireless live video streaming and recording over WiFi or 4G LTE mobile network. The high performance wearable Wi-Fi video server and mobile 4G server can broadcast high quality video (up to Full HD 1080p) to smartphone, tablet or PC.

4G LTE transmitter and Wi-Fi video transmitter are in pocket-size with video recorder embedded and battery powered for easy carrying. Also the wireless portable video server can monitor the bandwidth and flow control Wi-Fi /4G LTE transmission to minimize latency; the wireless video transmitter can be use with different camera to create the live video streaming.

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