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Wi-Fi Camera Losing Connection in Banquet Hall

Wi Fi camera lost connection
My friend took a wireless battery-operated wearable camera DVR to record their Business Anniversary Celebration last week. But his smartphone was unable to connect the Wi-Fi Portable Camera in the banquet hall.

I passed my WiFi Mini Camera and he successfully recorded and Live streaming video to their VIP customers.

Why the earlier Wi-Fi Camera lost connections?

Wireless interference normally comes from other wireless networks in the area. For example: other Wi-Fi networks using the same channel as yours, it is especially common when many Wi-Fi networks nearby your device. Also the electronics and appliances that use the same frequency 2.4GHz to communications as Bluetooth devices, wireless video transmitters also can reduce Wi-Fi performance or disconnection.

From this case, the main problems are not from RF interference but the Wi-Fi Camera itself.   

·        The earlier Wi-Fi mini camera hardware itself does not keep a good network connection

·        The Wi-Fi signal at the mini camera is too weak for the camera to hold a good connection

When you look for a wireless mini camera, remember to check if the WiFi connection is stable. A reliable and easy WiFi connection mini camera can operate video recording smoothly and offers real-time video remote monitoring.

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