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Battery powered security camera

Battery powered WiFi Hidden Camera Supplier
Are you looking for a camera that can easily move from place to place and just 1 minute to install?

Battery powered wireless mini camera can send video data wirelessly via Wi-Fi or 4G network to mobile device. Using APP for monitoring target remotely and control the camera. WiFi security mini camera with built-in battery is 100 percent wired free so you can take it anywhere.

Battery Operated Wi-Fi Mini Cameras are convenient to use as wireless real-time video monitor system for business, residential and industrial security. Small size camera DVR suitable for cover surveillance and makes camera easy to install in any locations. The Wi-Fi mini camera certainly is one of the most simple to use live streaming video camera and support remote access viewing from anywhere.

Most of the WiFi wearable camera uses lithium-ion battery as rechargeable camera because lithium-ion batteries charge faster, longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Some of battery operated WiFi mini hidden camera can extend the working hours with power bank.

CIU offers live streaming Mini Hidden Camera DVR with built in Wi-Fi in battery-powered and AC power. For details, please check with


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