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Long Range Mobile Video Surveillance Solution

4G WiFi Mobile Video Surveillance Solution
IP network camera is one of the long distance video surveillance solutions but it required wiring and hardware installation.

A really wired-free long range live video surveillance offers live video from one location to anywhere on your smartphone via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE /3G network without messy and expensive cables.

Long range wireless video remote monitoring solution is ideal for house, small business, enterprises or organizations who want to utilize their mobility infrastructure to install video surveillance devices and get live video streaming and recording on their mobile devices. Owners can real-time remote monitoring the activity/target.  

Mini WiFi video camera can use in fix and mobile security monitoring application or LIVE cover video surveillance to live streaming video and audio data to smartphone, tablet or PC in any location.

CIU offers small size wearable camera with built-in WiFi and video recorder; provides quick, easy and stable real-time video for remote video surveillance applications. ALL in One design, no need to compatible with other video devices.

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