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Wireless Live Video Remote Monitoring Solution

WiFi Live video stream mobile surveillance solutions
One of our security guard customers is facing the problem on video surveillance for the tower. Normally, the telecommunication tower, construction sites are located far from the city and no network. Thieves always steal the value equipment when employees are not there. What kind of camera can solve this problem? What security service company can do to ensure their security guard service when lack of manpower and after work hours? 

The Wi-Fi 4G mini cameras provides live mobile video surveillance, the disguise design offers remote monitor and live video, audio streaming via wireless networks (Wi-Fi or 4G) without internet infrastructure. The hidden wired-free camera does not bringing attention while recording and camera does not get discovered by thieves.

Also simple setup and one touch recording function are important when looking for the Wi-Fi 4G Mobile Surveillance Camera.

Not all of the Wi-Fi 4G Security Cameras can remote viewing on PC and mobile device, asking first before placing.

CIU offers truly wired free security mobile camera for live remote monitoring, for details, please contact

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