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Drones Security Risk and Concerns

Drone Jammer
We are able to get various Drones from the market with different size, price, operation time, shape and function.Drones aren't just flying for fun. We use it to search, investigate, agriculture purpose, protect industrial plants and critical infrastructure installations. But drones can also be a weapon and spy tool. From UK news, peeping tomes are using drones to spy women. Florida man used drone to monitor neighbor.  

How to stop a drone? From Mar. 2017 news, US ally used Patriot missile worth USD 3M to shoot down $200 drone from Amazon. However, it really cost too much $ 3.4 million to take out a drone. Any other anti-drones solution?

Drones are controlled by radio frequency in a certain frequency range and GPS for an autopilot. One anti-drones solution is using Drone Jammer to block control signals with high power radio signal. The other solution is hijacking mid-flight drones via GPS or control frequency by sending a spoof signal.

Also, Eagles are being trained to attack drones in Europe. 

CIU Co., Ltd. offers the anti-drones solution. The Drones jammer works 
by interfering drone’s radio frequency, disrupt the communication system between the drones and pilots, making it think it is out of range. The Anti-Drone Gun does not destroy or control the drones; it just forces the drone landing or returns to its starting point. The Drone killer helps to stop unauthorized flying robots from accessing sensitive and vulnerable areas.

For more details, please contact CIU Co., Ltd


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