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Secure Mobile Video Surveillance Solution

WiFi IP Mini Camera

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According to the report that more than two million security cameras, baby monitors, and smart doorbells are affected by security vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to hack devices and spy on homes. It was caused by using a component called iLinkP2P. Check your IoT devices and camera if there are on the list. 

All our miniature WiFi Camera is using Wi-Fi Direct, that is a Wi-Fi standard allowing two devices to establish a direct, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection without having to go through an access point, which means you do not need to use router.

You can think of Wi-Fi Direct as a much more robust Ad-Hoc connection that is as fast as a Wi-Fi connection; like a hybrid of Ad-Hoc and Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Direct is useful for everything from Internet browsing to file transfers to communicating with one or more devices simultaneously at typical Wi-Fi speeds. This is because Wi-Fi Direct allows Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other and form groups, usually one-to-one, but also one-to-many.

Depends on the user’s application (indoor, outdoor or different country), our WiFi Mini Camera supports WiFi Direct and WiFi Clinet connection to your smartphone, you are able to monitor the target without lag.

We offer all-in-one lightweight video camera with adaptive bitrate streaming technology to smoothly transmit live video to the user via WiFi or 4G LTE. The Adaptive streaming is a technology for dynamically adjusting the video bitrate to match bandwidth availability. With adaptive bitrate streaming, our live stream mini camera able to provide the best video quality and viewer experience.

If you are looking for "A Stable, Secure and Low Latency Video Streaming” Solution, contact CIU Co., Ltd. now.

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