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What is crypt communication ?

Secure Android  phone
Keep your mobile phone secure !FIPS Level 3

Feb. 2016 Apple's encryption fight with FBI. Mar. 10. 2015 The Wall Street Journal stated Marshals Service uses airborne devices that mimic cell towers to scan data on thousands of cellphone. Nov. 18. 2013 ABC news stated that Australian intelligence tried to listen in to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's mobile phone.

Feb. 23. 2014 Reuters’ news stated that NSA has stepped up its surveillance of senior German government officials since being ordered by Barack Obama to halt its spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

From NSA’s worldwide spying operations, all mobile user need to think about security on mobile device.

More and more company develops secure mobile devices in these few years. In 2014 Pro-privacy Android smartphone Blackphone and Boeing Black Smart phone In 2015 SecuTABLET, this tablet was designed to achieve the most stringent government security ratings for mobile devices while still allowing users to access unsecured public apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There are various secure mobile communication devices you can find on  the market. One is hardware based encryption group and other is software base encryption group.

What is the difference between the software and hardware encryption?

From ehow

Software-based encryption uses the computer's program to encrypt data and Software encryption often uses the user's password as the encryption key that scrambles the data. The encrypted data is secure, only as safe as your computer.

If hackers can get malicious code onto the computer, they can change or disable the encryption, allowing the disk to store unsecured data.

Hardware-based encryption uses a dedicated processor physically located on the encrypted driver instead of the computer's processor. This encryption processor also often contains a random number generator to generate an encryption key, which the user's password will unlock. Hardware-based encryption runs independently of the operating system so it is not exposed to the most common attacks.

The hardware-based encrypted solution is safer than software.

Encrypted Android phone micro SD card provides point-to-point crypt voice communication, which means all data is first encrypted on the device before it is sent off and decrypted by the receiving device. The encrypted key of each phone call is created randomly and store in the encrypted chip, not in the cell phone so that it can resist the tapping of the Trojan virus.


Are You Afraid of Being Spied on ?

Snowden says GCHQ's Smurf programs can tap, hack, and control any smartphone

Apps are so easy to get and there are some spy programs that can even remotely activate the microphone on your device and record you just via APPs or via Spy phone software…

Encrypt your phone calls , message and IM chat on Android phone to ensure mobile communication security.

When you are looking the secure communications solutions, you need check if this solution is really offer you a true security –

 Where the servers located? Our server located at Taiwan and it is only a platform for communication. No information storage function.

 Any Government certifications/approvals ? The encryption card is certified by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and CC EAL 5+

Secure Mobile brings mobile communications security up-to-date and in-house, protecting the integrity and security of voice/SMS/chat on any network anywhere in the world.

CEN-02S: Voice , IM SMS encryption Micro SD card supporting Android 4.0 and later

•The chip certified to CC EAL 5+. and can resist all the physical attack. 

•Supports “in-chip” operations of AES-256, RSA 2048, SHA -256 and key exchange. 

•Against man-in-the-middle attack, against eavesdropping and against physical attack.

APP can warn you that the microphone is activated by some apps or software.

If you are interested in CEN-02S, please contact us!


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