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CIU Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based electronics engineering company, specializes in providing high-end electronic communication and investigation equipment, for the security community around the world. Our engineer team has more than 20 years of experience in producing security and counter-surveillance equipment for critical missions and applications and the engineer team can provide the most professional solutions for each client. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive security products and solutions for Home, Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies worldwide. Each product of CIU is working closely with specialist users worldwide and each product is mostly designed and “Made-in-Taiwan”. We have extensive experience in designing customized products and providing complete solutions for almost any security requirement. According to government requirements, we have successful designed CEN-02 Skysafe VIP SecureCall which is a Military-Grade Encryption Chip, the Pro3 Police UV IR Detector Camera, CTR-540 Long Live Police GPS Tracker and Vehicle Cell Phone Jammers. If you have any ODM/OEM inquiries, please contact with us, we look forward to discussing your specific requirements in details.


Being a superior manufacturer and supplier in Security, Alarm & Safety industry in Taiwan, CIU Co., Ltd. provides diverse products of Professional 4 WAY INSPECTION CAMERA, Nigh Vision VIDEOSCOPE SUPPLIER. Here are detailed information of Light Weight, Portable 4-Way IR Articulation Inspection Camera Borescope 3.5" LCD DVR, 4 WAY IR NIGHT VISION INSPECTION CAMERA VIDEOSCOPE BORESCOPE VIDEOSCOPIO ENDOSCOPIO INDUSTRIAL ARTICULADA 4 EJES CON VÍDEO GRABADORA PORTÁTIL. IR Tactical Pole Cameras videoscope is available for IED, SWAT, Fire, Search & Rescue, Border Service and Highway Interdiction application.We invite you to kindly have a look at our vast products & components. We are sure that if you are looking for high end video inspection camera manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, it is a good choice to get associated with us and receive best services.


4-Way Articulation Inspection Camera VGA Borescope DVR(custom 3 Meter Long, Optional IR Infrared Night Vision, )

Are you looking for High Resolution 4 Way VGA Articulation Inspection Camera Borescope ?

Please must refer yourself to CVS-07-W 4 Way VGA high resolution articulation Inspection Camera Borescope and DVR! CIU offers the insertion probe with tip diameter Φ6 mm , 4 LEDs and the insertion tube with tip  Φ7.5 mm, 8LEDs for higher brightness!

Advantages of CVS-07-W 4 Way VGA High Resolution Articulation Inspection Camera Borescope and DVR:4 Way VGA High Resolution –Video recording &Still Image 640*480.Snap-shot while recordinglets you never miss any important inspection moments.2X Digital Zoom In to magnify images to see more details.Photo Comparison to let you see the difference of 2 photos without computer software. Screen Image Rotation allows you to rotate images in 4 directions without adjusting probe.Because Inspection Camera Borescope is made to resist gasoline and diesel fuel, it can be used in the fuel to see if anything is hidden in the gas tank. Besides, the tube / camera diameter is thin, you can use our Inspection Camera Borescope to inspect suspicious things which are hidden in compartments within seat, vents, the spare tire, suitcases, backpacks, boxes and so on.

Please contact with us if you are in search of Tactical IR Pole Camera, 4-Way IR Articulation Borescope, IR Inspection Camera with  3.5" LCD DVR, we will reply you as soon as we can. In addition to 4-Way IR Articulation Inspection Camera Borescope 3.5" LCD DVR, we also offer high quality RF Signal Spy bug detector, Industrial 4 way Videoscope, Encrypted phone. Give us an opportunity to serve you, your company and your customers!