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CIU Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based electronics engineering company, specializes in providing high-end electronic communication and investigation equipment, for the security community around the world. Our engineer team has more than 20 years of experience in producing security and counter-surveillance equipment for critical missions and applications and the engineer team can provide the most professional solutions for each client. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive security products and solutions for Home, Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies worldwide. Each product of CIU is working closely with specialist users worldwide and each product is mostly designed and “Made-in-Taiwan”. We have extensive experience in designing customized products and providing complete solutions for almost any security requirement. According to government requirements, we have successful designed CEN-02 Skysafe VIP SecureCall which is a Military-Grade Encryption Chip, the Pro3 Police UV IR Detector Camera, CTR-540 Long Live Police GPS Tracker and Vehicle Cell Phone Jammers. If you have any ODM/OEM inquiries, please contact with us, we look forward to discussing your specific requirements in details.

Washable LED fabric, Night Gear Vest - CIU Co., Ltd.

CIU Co., Ltd. has a world-class team with shared values, which allows us to seek the right way to do things together as well as to help each other improve. washable high visibility led protective vest, night gear vest is one of our main products, featuring its durable quality and long-lasting performance. We test our products on various quality parameters to ensure the quality of our products. Besides this, through offering products competitive prices and adhering to on time delivery schedule, we have developed healthy business relationship with our variegated clients.
Chaleco reflectante seguridad bicicleta moto de alta visibilidad con LEDs CVT-01


Foldable, Washable, Super Bright LED Safety Vest

Washable garments with embedded LED light, The high-visibility Washable LED Protective Vest incorporates the conventional fluorescent color and reflective cords with multiple patterns LED yarn, so that the wearers can easier be noticed by the auto-drivers and motor-riders even in the conditions like rainy, foggy and evening.  The LED fabric is waterproof and can wash in a machine.

Our waterproof washable LED light can use for professional LED clothing and accessories design, LED costumes, waterproof LED suits, urban cycling apparel, light-up jacket and bags.

CIU also offer customized washable and durable LED embedded apparel to secure your life at night, contact with us for details.
Features :

Specification :

Material Polyamide fabric and LED yarn
Color Fluorescent yellow with grey reflective cords
LED Color White 
High Visibility LEDs
Dark place-200M visible
Bright place-100M visible
Coin Battery Specification
Size 20mm Perimeter x 7mm Thick
Weight 7.5g±10%
Battery Type Two CR2032 coin batteries
LED Pattern 3 stages

Applications :

Children, pedestrian, outdoor lovers and street workers like traffic conductor, lollipop lady, sweeper and road mender

Remark :

Los conductores tienen solo menos de un segundo si ellos quieren cerrar el coche cuando ellos ven a las personas lejos 55 metros. Las personas estan mas seguro si ellos llevan CVT-01  Chaleco reflectante con bandas y LEDs porque los conductores les pueden ver lejos 656 feet y tienen mas tiempo cuando ellos quieren cerrar sus coches.

CVT-01 Chaleco reflectante con bandas y LEDs más alta visibilidad . Usted puede ver a la persona que lleva CVT-01 cuando el esta lejos de le 200M en la oscuridad. Ademas, CVT-01 Chaleco reflectante con bandas y LEDs es el mejor chaleco reflectante del mundo porque usted puede lavar CVT-01 con LEDs en la lavadora y no tiene calor desde de llevar CVT-01 por mucho tiempo.

CVT-01 es bueno para La Policia, Obreros, Peatonales, Las personas en moto

E-mail de CIU

"Noticia de Chile"A partir del primero de enero será obligatorio disponer de un chaleco reflectante al interior del vehículo, ya sea del transporte público, privado y uso particular. La medida apunta a reforzar la seguridad del chofer al momento de enfrentar una emergencia mecánica.

Сигнальный светодиодный жилет, жилет безопасности, светоотражающий, жилет с светодиодной полосой жилет

ЖИЛЕТ СВЕТООТРАЖАЮЩИЙ СО СВЕТОДИОДАМИ - это сигнальный жилет со светодиодами, который позволяет заметить человека при отсутствии света. Любая светоотражающая защитная одежда излучает свет только при наличии источника света. Защитная одежда со светодиодами гораздо надёжнее. Она работает в любых условиях. Её могут использовать велосипедисты, мотоциклисты, строители, дорожные рабочие, сотрудники ГАИ, пожарные, сотрудники специальных служб. 

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CIU Co., Ltd. stated in an internal memo that the company's restructuring process has concluded, and that we can now move forward in growing the company. We engage to develop enduring relationships with our customers by providing innovative washable high visibility led protective vest, night gear vest products supported by the best customer service in the industry. As a manufacturer of standard & custom washable high visibility led protective vest, night gear vest, we offer outstanding quality products with competitive price.We pay attention to the details that matter to you to deliver custom, cost-effective and scalable solutions that contribute to your bottom line.